Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Big Kahuna

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What's Up?


The Fox webmaster is making me a guinea pig . . .


. . . This will be the start of some cool updates on The Fox website. Click on the links to the right to check out some of the things we talk about between 6am - 10am each weekday morning.
You can also get interactive and leave your comments (which I encourage).


Wow…I Didn’t Know That:


I have one of the original Late Night with David Letterman Collapsible cups


I was at Stevie Ray Vaughan’s final concert


I probably do what I do because I grew up listening to CKLW

I look absolutely smashing in a Speedo….(OK, I made that one up)

It’s sad that it’s gone, but nothing beat a sweaty, greasy, Toledo Sports Arena concert!

Here are some links to some great "time wasters" . . .
All Music - Great resource for rock info!
Cleveland Browns (if they play this year)
The BG Curling Club (best one EVER)



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